Proposing the Senate Ratification of Protocol II of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights

Resolution On the Re-Examination of the Death Penalty Law (R.A. No. 7659)


HRA (CHR-A-02-99) On Death Penalty for Minors

HRA (CHR-A-04-99) Pornography and Obscenity

HRA On Philippine Position on East Timor Atrocities

HRA On Visitorial Power over Jails


HRA (CHR-A1-2000) On the Deployment of Marines in Public Places

HRA (CHR-A2-2000) On Painting of Private Homes of Alleged Drug Pushers

HRA (CHR-A3-2000) On the Declaration of Certain Streets in the City of Marikina as Drug Risk Areas

HRA (CHR-A4-2000) On the Pre-Arranged Marriages of Filipino Women in South Korea

HRA (CHR-A5-2000) On the Revival of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU)

HRA (CHR-A6-2000) On the Treatment of Non-Combatants Especially of Children and Women in Internal Armed Conflicts

HRA (CHR-A7-2000) On the Handling of the Lifeless Bodies of Victims During and-or after a Non-International Armed Conflicts

HRA (CHR-A8-2000) On Treatment of Persons Under Policy Custody

HRA (CHR-A-10-00) On Searches of Person at Police Checkpoints

HRA (CHR-A12-2000) On the Proposed Law Legalizing Euthanasia

HRA (CHR-A13-2000) On Violations of the International Humanitarian Law

HRA (CHR-A14-2000) On Allowing Children to Participate in Rallies and Demonstrations

HRA (CHR-A15-2000) On the Abolition of the Death Penalty Law


HRA (CHR-A01-2001) On Unlawful Searches, Arrest and Treatment of Persons Under Custody

HRA (CHR-A02-2001) On the Full Respect of Human Rights Under the State of Rebellion

HRA (CHR-A03-2001) On the Citizens Right of Suffrage

HRA (CHR-A04-2001) On the Requirement of all Students Enrolling in schools to Submit Police Clearance and Submit to Drug Test

HRA (CHR-A05-2001) On the Implementation of the Offer-Reward for the capture of Abusayaff and his Leaders

HRA (CHR-A06-2001) On the Mandatory Requirement of Drug Test for Applicants of Professional and Non-Professional Driver’s License

HRA (CHR-A07-2001) On the Recognition of the Ancestral Domain of Indigenous Cultural Minorities

HRA (CHR-A08-2001) On International Terrorism and Bio-Chemical Warfare

HRA (CHR-A09-2001) On Corporal Punishment of Children

HRA (CHR-A10-01) On Arming of Civilians in the Anti-Kidnapping and other Crimes Campaign