HRA (CHR-A2008-001) Advisory on the Conduct of Forced Evictions and House Demolitions

HRA (CHR-A2008-002) Human Rights and Military Operations

HRA (CHR-A2008-003) Human Rights and the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain


HRA (CHR IV-A2009-001) The Implementation of the Random Drug Testing of Secondary and Tertiary Students

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-002) CHR Support the Passage of the Anti-Child Pornography Law

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-003) Re The Attempt of the Military to Gather Information on, and the Legal Offensive Taken Against, Members of Gabriela, Karapatan, Bayan, KMU and Other Organizations

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-004) Objections to the Lowering of the Age of Criminal Liability

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-005) CHRP Questions Executive Order 778

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-006) Advisory on the Deployment Ban to Nigeria

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-007) The Commission on Human Rights Supports Early Voting

HRA (CHR-A2009-008) Calling on Congress to Open its Doors to Farmers for Genuine Agrarian Reform

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-009) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – The Need for Safeguards against Possible Violations of the Human Right to Privacy

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-010) The Human Right to be Safe from Natural Disasters – A General Comment Cum Advisory from the Commission on Human Rights

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-011) The Right to Water in Light of the Privatization of the Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-012) Urging the COMELEC to Re-examine Ang Ladlad’s Right to Stand for Elections

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-013) Human Rights-Based Approach to Justice in Maguindanao

HRA (CHR IV-A2009-014) Human Rights Protections During the Evacuation of the Area Threatened by Impending Mayon Volcano Eruption

Resolution CHR (IV) No. A2009-131 Petition for the Issuance of a COMELEC Resolution Implementing the Right to Vote of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty (Detainees/Prisoners) in National Prisons, Provincial, City, and Municipal Jails, and Other Government Detention Facilities in the May 10, 2010 National and Local Elections


HRA (CHR IV-A2010-001) Aerial Spraying and the Right to Health and Environmental Protection

HRA (CHR IV-A2010-002) On the Permit-to-Campaign Scheme Imposed by the NPAs and other Non-State Groups

HRA (CHR IV-A2010-003) On the Continuing Practice of Detaining Children in Jails and Police Precincts

HRA (CHR IV-A2010-004) On the Implementation of the Accessibility Law

HRA (CHR IV-A2010-005) EO No.003 Discriminatory or Rights Based, CHR Advisory on the Local Ordinance by the City of Manila


HRA (CHR-A2011-001) On Fake Arrest and Abritrary Detention of Innocent Civilians by the Police

HRA (CHR IV-2011-002) Advisory on the Human Rights Implications of the Acquisition and Eventual Use by the Philippine National Police of the So-called Non-Lethal Sonic Device for Purposes of Crowd Control

HRA (CHR IV No. A2011-003) On the Right to Adequate Housing and Humane Treatment of Informal Settlers


HRA (CHR IV-A2012-002) Human Rights Standards on Housing, Land and Property Rights of Populations affected by Tropical storms and other Natural Disasters

HRA (CHR IV-A2012-003) Invitation of the Special Procedures Mechanism

HRA (CHR IV-A2012-004) Eviction and Harassment of Farmers’Beneficiaries of the Matias Property, San Francisco, Quezon

HRA (CHR IV-A2012-006) On the Reproductive Health Bill


HRA (CHR-A2013-001) On the Human Rights and Humanitarian Situation of Filipino amidst the Conflict in Sabah

HRA (CHR-A2013-002) On the Wearing of Headscarves

HRA (CHR IV-A2013-003) Hernandez Vs. Philippines, Human Rights Council Communication No. 1559-2009

HRA (CHR IV-A2013-004) On Searches of Persons and Vehicles at Checkpoint Operations

HRA (CHR-A2013-005) On the Plaque of Recognition Awarded to Oceanagold Philippines, Inc. by the Commission on Human Rights-Region II Office

HRA (CHR-A2013-007) Right to Suffrage of Persons with phychosocial and Intellectual Disability

HRA (CHR-A2013-008) On HIV’AIDS and Human Rights Workplace Policy

HRA (CHR-A2013-010) Supplemental Advisory on Human Rights Standards on Housing Land and Property Rights of Populations Affected by Tropical Storms and Other Natural Disasters


HRA (CHR-A2014-001) Human Rights Standards on Housing, Land and Property Rights of Populations Affected by Typhoon Yolanda

HRA (CHR-A2014-002) On the Establishment of Persons with Disability Affairs Office

HRA (CHR-2014-004) Human Rights Standards on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Zamboanga Crisis

HRA (CHR-A2014-005) On the Celebration of the 36th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

HRA (CHR A2014-006) On the Protection and Promotion of the Right to Dignity, Equality and Non-Discrimination of Women, and the Call for Corporate Responsibility to Respect Women’s Human Rights

HRA (CHR IV-A2014-007) The People’s Right to Chemical Safety – A Fifteen-Point Human Rights Agenda

HRA (CHR-A2014-008) On the Selection and Appointment of the Members of the 5th Commission of the Commission on Human Rights

HRA (CHR-A2014-009) On the Full Implementation of Twenty Percent (20%) Discount of PWDs on Domestic Airfare

HRA (CHR A2014-010) Advisory for the Ratification by the Philippines Government of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance