CHR Statement on the Resumption of Oplan Tokhang

CHR Statement on the Resumption of Oplan Tokhang

03 March 2017


CHR Statement on the Resumption of Oplan Tokhang


The Commission on Human Rights denounces the resumption of Operation Tokhang by the Philippine National Police. It should not continue because it has caused thousands to be killed without due process and many innocents have perished in the course of the campaign. Thousands have surrendered but many have not been rehabilitated and our jails are heavily congested. Worse, the killing of the South Korean national, among many others, illustrate that Oplan Tokhang is susceptible to abuse by many in the police force. The internal cleansing by the PNP has scarcely begun and it has not yet produced concrete results. No true and meaningful investigation has been conducted on the extra-judicial killings yet and worse, no single person, to date has been held to account.

The Commission, as the conscience of the government, urges the government to continue the drug campaign without resorting to violence and to hold Oplan Tokhang in abeyance until the PNP has concretely introduced reforms and only after serious investigations into the extra-judicial killings have been made.

The Commission speaks for the thousands of Filipinos who may fall prey to the arbitrariness of this operation. It stands up for the victims, both accused and innocent, who were denied due process. It advocates for the rights of every single person, including every policeman or policewoman who deserves a day in court before being meted with sanctions including death.


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Atty. Jacqueline Ann C. de Guia
OIC, Public Affairs and Strategic Communication Office
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