CHR unveils game-changing online complaint portal; seeks to provide more accessible services to vulnerable individuals

CHR unveils game-changing online complaint portal; seeks to provide more accessible services to vulnerable individuals

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) proudly introduced the CHR Management Information System Monitoring Outlet or CHR MISMO during its annual Partners Summit on 13 May 2024 held at thr CHR New Building in Quezon City. The innovative online complaint portal represents a significant advancement in the CHR’s mission to connect with clients, particularly the most vulnerable, in real-time, regardless of their location, even in the most remote areas of the country.

In his keynote address, CHR Chairperson Richard P. Palpal-latoc underscored the digitalization of the Commission to be able to keep up to the modern times and to maximize the benefits of technology in the delivery of human rights services.

“We recognize the inevitability of changes occurring in our midst so we must learn to adapt so that we can effectively march forward and meet head-on the challenges brought about by the times,” he said.

“CHR MISMO was designed to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness in transactions. It is expected to bridge the gap between the people and the Commission’s services, thus, ensuring smoother and hassle-free interactions in the pursuit of human rights service for the Filipinos,” he added.

Commissioner Monina Arevalo Zenarosa described the CHR MISMO portal as not just a technological innovation but a testament to the Commission’s unwavering dedication to continually evolve to better serve the people.

“CHR MISMO embodies our commitment to making our services more accessible and transparent, ensuring that no one suffers undue harm and that everyone can seek justice without fear or intimidation. This groundbreaking online portal is a concrete manifestation of the steadfast mission of the CHR to serve and protect the rights of all individuals,” she stressed.

The online portal underscores the CHR’s commitment to accessibility and efficiency, aligning with efforts to always uphold high standards. Over the years, the CHR has increasingly embraced ISO Certification, which has institutionalized its Quality Management System (QMS). Currently, 12 out of 16 CHR regional offices and 2 major programs are ISO certified.

In her introduction to the CHR MISMO, CHR Executive Director Jacqueline Ann de Guia shared that the QMS journey of the CHR ingrained a client-focused approach in the institution.

“The needs of our clients are at the heart of our operations. Our vision for CHR MISMO is to create a platform that caters to the disadvantaged, marginalized, and vulnerable populations. The geographic challenges posed by our archipelagic nation often make it difficult for these individuals to access our regional offices. The cost, time, and resources required are significant barriers, and the process of filing complaints can be intimidating for them,” Executive Director de Guia explained.

CHR MISMO was conceptualized to address the issues that impede better access to CHR services. In accordance with the CHR Quality Policy, the online portal system seeks to provide prompt, accessible, relevant, and efficient service.

“The online portal system was designed with our clients in mind, particularly those from poor sectors who may lack financial resources. The system only requires minimal internet connection and provides feedback through text messages, simplifying the process and eliminating the need for complicated login procedures. Clients will receive updates directly via text, seamlessly linking them to the CHR,” Executive Director de Guia shared.

The Commission prioritized making the CHR MISMO client-friendly and user-friendly, with availability in Filipino and English languages to ensure broad accessibility. The portal is easy to navigate and visually intuitive. Significant time and effort have been invested in conceptualizing and designing the platform to meet the needs of the marginalized clients effectively.

The public reveal of the online portal is part of the CHR’s 37th anniversary celebration under the banner “Komisyon para sa Bayan, handang maglingkod maging sino ka man.” True to its theme, the portal underscores the CHR’s commitment to serve all individuals by adapting, innovating, and transcending boundaries amidst the dynamic landscape of the current digital era. ###