Procurement FY 2023

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IB 2023-GJ2-10-024 Procurement of Supply, Delivery, and Installation of the CHR New Building-Airconditioning System Phase 2

IB 2024-001-EPA Procurement of Printing and Production Services of Institutional Tokens

IB 2024-002-EPA Procurement of CHR Digital Promotion Support Services

IB 2024-003-EPA Procurement of Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment (Lot1 & Lot2)

IB 2024-004-EPA Procurement of the Supply, Delivery and Installation of MS Office 2021 Standard Perpetual License

IB 2024-005-EPA Procurement of the Supply, Delivery, Installation, and Hand Holding of Anti-Virus License Subscription

IB 2024-006-EPA Procurement of the Supply and Delivery of Webmail Hosting Subscription

IB 2024-007-EPA Procurement of Lease of Venue for CY 2024 Through Framework Agreement

IB 2024-008-EPA Procurement of the Supply and Delivery of Packed Meals and Catering Services Through a Framework Agreement

IB 2024-009-EPA Procurement of Lease of Digital Copier Machines and Related Services for CY 2024

IB 2024-010-EPA Procurement of Security Services for FY 2024

IB 2024-011-EPA Procurement of Janitorial Service Provider for FY 2024

IB 2024-012-EPA Procurement of Supply and Delivery of Brand New Motor Vehicles

IB 2024-013-EPA Procurement for the Supply of Petroleum Fuel, Oil and Lubricants (POL)