RESEARCH | Karapatang Pang-Tao at Pagiging Relihiyoso: The Role of Religiosity/Spirituality and Human Rights in Mental Health and Life Satisfaction

This study sets out to examine the relationship of human rights and mental health, specifically, to describe the Filipinos’ level of perceived mental health status, perception of what rights the government should afford to its citizens, perceived importance of the freedom to practice one’s religion, and religiosity/spirituality, and how these factors are related to life […]

Harvard Study Examines the Social and Human Costs of Targeted Harassment to Human Rights Workers in the Philippines

Cambridge, Massachusetts – A new study published by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center discusses the social and human costs of disinformation and targeted harassment to the human rights sector in the Philippines.  According to co-author Dr Jonathan Corpus Ong, Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and Associate Professor of Communication at the University of […]

POLICY BRIEF | The Rights of Public School Teachers in Mangaldan, Pangasinan During the Pandemic: Status, Challenges, and Recommendations

Executive Summary Human rights are universal, mutually-reinforcing, and interdependent. The right to education is an integral part of the basic human rights and is being fulfilled by learning institutions and educators. Early this year, the novel corona virus was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic. Having no precedent, the situation has […]

Functionality of the Violence Againts Women (VAW) Desks in the Barangays of Manito, Albay

Women are significant to society since they nurture the families, educate the youth for constructive citizenship in the society and provide leadership in certain professional and political fields. Thus, the Philippine government has enshrined various legal instruments for the protection of women against violence which includes the establishment of Violent Against Women (VAW) Desks. This […]